About Us

Polymer Technologies and Services Inc.

PTS is a thermoplastics resin processor and compounder that strives to bring new value to the post-industrial and post-consumer plastics recycling industry. With a fully equipped lab and ISO 9001:2008 certified processes, we go through exhaustive raw material and product testing to ensure product consistency. Both pre- and post-blending is utilized to achieve a uniform product. Our pre- and post-production blending capability ranges from 14,000 lb to 20,000 lb lots. This allows us to maintain product consistency and quality with comparable key properties to prime resins. All product is shipped in three ply octagonal Gaylord boxes, via bulk truck or by rail car. A product certification, packing slip and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) accompany all shipments.

We provide unique “total” plastics recycling solutions. Polymer Technologies and Services, Inc. has an in-house, total processing capability of turning any form of scrap plastics into a consistent quality pellet form. Our optical and gravity sorting experience provides us with the unique proficiency of turning mixed contaminated material into quality regrind or pellet form. Our grinding capabilities include grinding lumps (as large as the Gaylord box size), film, fiber, and small or large parts in any form. Any of these forms can be toll produced into a consistent quality pellet for our customers. The scrap will have value add as a raw material that our customer can use with confidence. All toll produced materials are shipped with product certification showing comparison between beginning form properties and the finished product properties. We also provide a destruction of parts guarantee and have a system in place to provide verification.

PTS was founded, August 2002, in a 60,000 sq. ft facility in Heath, Ohio with the intention to process as much scrap domestically as possible. It began with two employees and has grown to more than 40 valued employees. From the beginning, we realized the importance of quality and a fully equipped lab was built at the onset. In the first five years, our company achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certificate and continually maintains the ISO certification. In January 2011, PTS opened our 80,000 sq. ft recycling facility in Hebron, Ohio – thus more than doubling the processing and warehousing space. Continuous and conscientious improvement is part of our daily process. We continue to improve our testing and processing capabilities with the intention of providing consistent quality products to our customers.

From the manpower in our offices and warehouses, to the technology of electronic transactions, to the technical and scientific aspects of quality control and product assurance, PTS is dedicated to making every customer and supplier satisfied with their experience with us. It has been through dedication of this sort that we have grown into an organization that enjoys many solid relationships with other businesses and companies in the vast world of plastics and plastics recycling.


As a technically oriented compounder, Polymer Technologies and Services, Inc. is committed to providing excellent service through continuous improvement and by developing lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees.


We will continually strive to provide quality products and on-time delivery by conforming to the mutually agreed upon requirements of our customers.

We Offer

Total Recycling Solutions

  • Cost analysis to minimize the cost of handling scrap and/or by-products
  • Added value by providing full-fledged tolling operations
  • Extrusion and molding services
  • Local service to our large suppliers
  • Full logistics for shipping
  • Advantageous programs and services focused on providing the most comprehensive and profitable experience for everyone involved

Keeping up with the changing dynamics of the recycling industry has enabled us to become proficient enough to offer Total Plastics Solutions.

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