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Single and twin-screw 6 in. extruders are used for producing underwater “bebee”” cut and strand cut pellets. Product consistency is achieved by the extensive testing of raw material boxes and of blending regrind in 20K lots. Extensive product testing is also done to verify product consistency and issue a certificate of analysis.


Material blending is done with feedstock and finished products for uniformity. We can blend from 5,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. We can also blend a color concentrate master batch per customers’ specification.

Optical Color Separation

Polymer Technologies houses a Satake Optical Sorter and provides services for sorting contaminated polymers in pellet or regrind form. The sorter has aspirators and fines are removed before the sorting. We work extremely hard and accept the challenge of difficult to separate materials providing sorting services at an affordable price. Sorting prices are dependent on type of contamination, degree of contamination and required final product purity. We can provide a 100%, color-sorted, final product using multiple passes and a final visual inspection.

Destruction of Products

As mandated by the Chief Executive to every employee, and if desired by the customer, we guarantee to our suppliers and customers, a complete and absolute destruction of their product parts.


All of our locations have the full range of recycling equipment. Our shredder grinder systems range from 15 HP to 150 Hp, and can handle molder scrap of sprues, runners and very large molded parts. We also handle small to medium size purges.


Desiccant and hot forced air dryers eliminate moisture issues with our materials. We also do Toll Drying from small lots to truckload-sized lots.

Product Development

Technical new product development can be done using our lab scale extruders or our production machines. A full range of auxiliary equipment is available for use in the development program. Development materials can be tested for a wide range of physical and mechanical properties in our in house laboratory.


We have small and large vertical balers as well as horizontal balers for baling fiber and film feedstock, and small and large molded parts.

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